Goodbye, Procrastination! I’ll miss you.


I’ve done a blog before, but it was one that never saw an update after its fourth post. Or was it the fifth? Can’t really remember, for it has been way, way too long.

As long as this one survives past Post Number 10, I’ll be happy 😀

Low expectations strike again!

Then again, this blog was created as a solution for my horrible habit of procrastination. I had the great idea that people tend to stop procrastinating when they do things they really, really enjoy. So, if I begin to love writing a blog, there’s a high possibility that I’ll have a new-found sense of responsibility and put up new posts on time, and do the same for all my schoolwork, right? Perhaps in the fresh new year of 2015, I can garner the strength to clear up my increasing workload before it amasses and simply swallows me whole.

Hopefully. *Gulp*

Okay, enough with the rambling, and on to my list of slightly more important things.

1   Thank you for reading up till this point.

Really, thank you! 😀

2   Who am I?

I’m a pop tart cat hybrid that currently soaring through space with a solid Wifi connection, and I’m also a Year 1 Electrical Engineering student with average grades in the National University of Singapore. Nyan!

Expertly trained in the art of procrastination, I can now stare at my computer screen for hours every day without completing anything even remotely productive. Especially with so many distractions. 9GAG. Youtube. All the beautiful games sitting happily on my desktop.

Also, I’m currently testing out Adobe Illustrator to see if I can take the ideas floating about within my head, and turn them into something truly existent. The Borderlands picture presently on my front page? The First Post header on this first post? Done by me 😀 When I was supposed to be doing other things, of course 😦

3   What is this blog going to be about?

Life in school. Modules I take. Things I learn. Stuff I do. Oodles of doodles. Anti-procrastination progress. Random thoughts.

Anything productive. Anything.

4   What I hope to do with this WordPress blog.

Well, this is a brave attempt to consistently write a blog, with the main (and simple) goal of having a record of what I do. Other things would be to improve my bullsh- *ahem* writing skills, find my own personal style of blogging, and also to put up my random Illustrator creations into a gallery for self-satisfaction.

And to put the most number of vector cats on a WordPress blog.

5   The frequency of posts.

The best, 2 posts a week. Chances are, my lecturers are incredibly boring and half of my cohort are either sleeping, or missing from the lecture hall entirely. Or that Flipboard don’t have any new articles when I’m on my daily commute.

The worst, 1 post a month. Most probably, this will happen due to severe exhaustion from cramming for examinations. Hey, I won’t study at the last minute like last time!

I will try my best to ensure that each one of my posts is a minimum of 300 words long, with 500 words being the target I’m aiming for.

Can I end this now? I’m tired.

Sure thing, lazy brain of mine.

Hopefully one day, I would be able to finally sit back in my swivel chair and flip through my archived posts, relishing in the progress that I have made along the great journey of life.

Of course, the future me could also be thinking, “HOW IN THE WORLD DID I WASTE SO MUCH TIME SCROLLING THROUGH 9GAG!?”

But seriously, do rage comics ever get old? XD


9 thoughts on “Goodbye, Procrastination! I’ll miss you.

  1. Trust me when I say that you aren’t the online one who procrastinates. The majority of people online and in my school have the same problem. Of course, at times or most times… I procrastinate plenty myself. As long as you get something up, even if it’s down to earth like this post and not the most articulate, posting something, anything is the way to go. With homework and studying I find it hard to have some extra time myself. Well, good luck and I can’t wait to continue your journey with you.



      1. I do have Facebook, but I almost never use it ._.
        Posting stuff there feels scarier lol, since on WordPress we can post stuff anonymously, and I can finally get the confidence to write stuff 😀


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