I am a pop tart cat flying across space and time, leaving nothing but an endless trail of rainbows in my wake.

No one believes me? Oh. Okay 😦

I’m also a first-year Electrical Engineering student in the National University of Singapore, whose main hobbies are doodling, playing games on my computer, making random vector artworks (most of the art on this site are by me), and scrolling through hundreds of 9GAG posts on a daily basis. Which also means I’m a professional procrastinator already. Yay! 😀

But now I’m trying to kick procrastination away. It’s not going to be easy, especially with a habit that has been around for more than 5 years (still counting!). Hopefully by the end of my university course I’ll be a productive member of society, instead of slacking away every time I can and pushing all my (home)work as far back as possible.

This blog exists to serve as a reminder of my noble and brave goal of overcoming my greatest problem, before the day ever comes when I’ll think to myself, “Why didn’t I work harder?”, or “How did I spend so many hours of my life sitting at my computer and staring at the endless page of 9GAG posts!?”. I’m definitely expecting the latter.

I’ll also try to put my posts up each Monday, as an attempt to make blogging somewhat like a routine. Treat posts on other days as a bonus! Frequency of posts would range from twice a week, down to a minimum of once a month. If I’m stuck in a busy period or overloaded with schoolwork and whatnot, I’ll post an update to let you guys know.

And if the time ever comes, when this experimental WordPress site no longer receives any updates, it would mean that I’ve failed in my quest.

Note: For anyone wondering, taking the first letters of Not Your Average Nobody gives you NYAN. Which stands for NyanCat, but definitely sounds more professional >:D