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I’ve Written So Much, But Never For Myself


It’s been approximately half a month since the beginning of the Blogging 101 course, and it’s been one of the best, if not THE best online course I’ve ever taken. The community plays a great part, too – Almost everyone I’ve seen in the Commons (something like a forum for all course members) has been nothing short of friendly or helpful, and it’s been great!

After studying for a couple of hours, I’ve decided to take a break and wait for my head to stop reeling from my poor attempts at solving some differential equation questions. What better way to do this than to complete a Blogging 101 assignment?

Let’s see, hmm. “Publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a Daily Prompt.” I’ll see if I can do this one fast.

Time to get away from all the pens and papers –

And then I see a Daily Prompt titled ‘Pens and Pencils’.

So the first thought that pops into my head is “ARE YOU SERIOUS I JUST PUT DOWN MY PEN A MINUTE AGO AND – “, and then I see the description of the prompt being ‘When was the last time you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. — by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?’

My next thought – “Oh. Substantive.”

I’m hit with a sudden realisation that I’ve written so much over these years in school. Finished using all the pages of so many foolscap pads. Filled up notebooks with scribbles and graphs. Drained the ink out of boxes of pens. Completed essays, lab reports, worksheets, tutorials, and exam papers.

Yet nothing was truly written for myself. Doodles and sketches? I’ve plenty of them. But not my own written works. No journal entries, as I didn’t have a habit of writing down my thoughts and the events I’ve gone through onto a physical book. No stories either, for my imagination was never great enough to create my own characters and locations. Just creating names for people and places is hard enough.

Could it be because I was afraid of trying? Nervous that other people would see the words I’ve written and laugh about it? Or perhaps worse still, that nobody would even bother about what I wrote? Maybe it’s a combination of all these.

Or that I’m just lazy. That’s a valid reason.

Either way, it would be a pity if the end of the world were to happen and there were no written records of my memories whatsoever. Unless the Internet managed to survive, that is.

I guess that when I’m done with all the lecture notes and worksheets, I’ll begin to write my own stories that people would remember. Or take note of. Or notice. Hey, I’ll be happy if anyone’s even read this far!

Time to get back to the pen and papers. I have to get through university before thinking any further about my life! 😀

A response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”


Back in School, Back in the Lecture Hall.


Holidays are officially over, but flipping my brain’s switch from ‘Holiday Mode’ back to ‘Study Mode’ is definitely going to take a while. Gone are the days of waking up at 10 am, and the late, late nights are back to stay.

I’ve gone to school for two days now, and the lectures are as boring as always. Good thing that my multi-tasking skills are great! With half my laptop screen displaying my lecture notes and a game of Hearthstone (an awesome card game :D) open beside them, I’ll never sleep in lectures again! Best idea ever.

I actually managed to understand everything the lecturers were saying, so the plan works, at least for the time being.

And school wouldn’t be school if there wasn’t any homework. On my to-do list already are two readings (passages with questions to answer) and a set of tutorial questions to be done before class, and it’s only been 2 days since school started. But this semester, I WILL do all my homework. Read up before lectures. Prepare notes. Study (A MONTH IN ADVANCE) for exams.

No more stalling. It’s time to show the world what I can actually do! 😀

Especially since the general perception of me (by my family and friends ><) would be a lazy bum at the bottom of the cohort, who studies at the eleventh hour with the only intention of barely passing all exams. The worst part is, they’re right :<

Looks like I’ve not much time left for doing fan-made posters and wallpapers. And I was finally getting the hang of it 😦

Oh, one last thing. I’ve finished my Bioshock/Bioshock Infinite poster, and I’m quite impressed by myself! I’m somewhat proud of my poster, as it seems to show that putting in effort in anything (sometimes) gives results 😀 Wonder if it’s going to be the same for my studies. We’ll just have to wait and see!

All done!
All done! 😀

Trying Hard Seems To Be Working. I Guess.

School’s starting soon. It’s a good thing that there aren’t any lessons on Monday (especially in the morning. Argh) , for every extra day of rest is greatly appreciated 😀

This month of holidays is definitely not another waste of time. Where I would usually sit at my laptop for hours at a time playing games and browsing the internet for more cat pictures, I’m now learning the ropes of Adobe Illustrator and getting the hang of blogging, thanks to the great Blogging 101 community (I’ve recently signed up for it) and the hundreds of WordPress help pages!

I simply can’t help but find myself sitting glued to the screen for hours. 😦

The Constants and Variables of life. Heh.

For the last few days, I found myself scrolling through the Blogging 101 Commons page and reading blog after blog, and I’ve come to the realisation that I am far from the only one who’s dealing with a severe problem of procrastination. But looking at how all the other bloggers are trying to get over this stumbling block, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by them to do something more productive. Because why not? It’s the last few days of holidays!

*sighs sadly*

So, I made up my mind to do a poster with Illustrator. Yep. Completely productive. It was something that I had planned to do for ages, but I never got to it. “I can’t draw people, only things and animals”, “Hands are so difficult! Too many joints!” or “The idea won’t work, I suppose there’s always next time”.

Making up excuses for the sake of postponing things is my forte, after all.

Finally, after several long years of avoiding the frustration of drawing people, I actually tried. Just a sketch, but as long as it’s good enough to trace it on the computer, it would suffice.

Reference pictures were easy enough to get, just by typing in the keywords in Google, I got want I needed (together with hundreds of fanart). Of course, I still had to sketch it out on paper, for the proportions to be right. Hopefully.

Just to get the hands right, I took many pictures of my own hands. Sounds stupid, taking pictures while flexing your hands around to get the right angle, but if it works, then it ain’t stupid! XD  Can’t imagine why I never thought of this earlier.

 Once I got everything (somewhat) right on paper, I took a picture of it, sent it to my computer, and began tracing. After gripping my mouse tightly for such a long period of time, I started to wonder if I should get a drawing tablet. My hand still aches badly from being so tensed up, but my heart would ache instead if I had to spend hundreds on a drawing tablet and then having no time to use it.

Colouring was by far the easiest thing ever. As I was working with flat colours (I’m a noob! Haven’t tried the gradients yet 😦  ), turning everything into a Live Paint group and filling each space with colour was so fun and satisfying. All the doubts that I had during the line tracing stage got completely flushed away in the flood of colours 😀

I’m not finished with it yet. But it feels great to write down the process of how I managed to get stuff done, for it feels like I’m making some progress.

To anyone wondering about what the poster even is about, I’m here to answer you! It’s about the games Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, by the (now-defunct) company Irrational Games. I loved the games so much that I really wanted to put both games in one poster, but I never did it until now. Still missing are a Big Daddy, Songbird, and the Cities of Rapture and Columbia.

Also, regarding the latest Blogging 101 assignment about finding a dream reader, I’m still not entirely sure as to who would want to read my ramblings. Especially since they’re about my normal life, and soon to be numerous rants about school! XD

2015, Here we go!


2014 is another new addition to my ever-growing list of “Years That Came and Went”. Still a relatively good year, of course, but once in a while I can’t help but feel that I should make the best out of my life (Like finally studying properly! 😐 )

It’s a new year now, so it’s definitely a new beginning, right? What better time is there to say, “I’m FINALLY going to do what I’ve been meaning to complete for so long!” Which basically boils down to “I’m going to stop procrastinating!”

I’ve decided to stick to my New Year’s resolution of kicking the habit of procrastination. No more avoiding it like the coward I’ve been anymore; it’s high time I face it. And this blog will be a testament to my perseverance! Perhaps I should put my future exam results here, so that I’ll be able to track my improvement and progress through my four years of university, and then we will eventually know if hard work truly pays off.

Goals for 2015!

My other goals for this year are also nothing life-changing, just little things to aim for and work towards, regardless of how slowly I get there. In a list format,

1 Make More Friends

Ever since I was young, I’ve always found it difficult to start talking to people I’ve only just met. Not that I’m anti-social, it’s more of an unavoidable initial awkwardness that dissipates after the first few conversations or so. In the past, classes were usually fixed, so making friends wasn’t a problem 🙂 But now in university, the number of close friends I have are really, really few 😦  Tried talking to some of my classmates, but it simply felt different from when I was in secondary school or junior college. Perhaps it’s because of the humongous gap in mental maturity between them and me. Why are all the other university students so smart and confident?

Wish I wasn’t so awkward. :/

2 Get Better Grades

Getting passing grades in my first semester is something that I’m really grateful for, especially since many of my exam papers were submitted with giant blanks everywhere in the open-ended questions. For my programming module, CS1010E, ALL my questions were blank, except the multiple choice questions, where I randomly picked options to shade. I should bring some dice into the exam hall next time.

But simply passing won’t do, I guess. Especially since my parents have spent thousands of dollars on my education and I’m just sitting there, doodling at the side columns of my exam paper while crying internally… I have to aim for something higher, I guess. While graduating with simply Honors would be great already, I’ve set my sights on graduating with Honors with a Distinction! With a Cumulative Average Point of 4.17 presently, I might actually get it, as long as I manage to get A- and B+ grades for all my modules! Completely crazy, but I have to try, eh?

3 Learn to Cook Food Better

By “Food”, I actually mean food items that don’t include instant noodles, baked beans and canned soups. Chicken flavoured instant noodles are so delicious, especially with an egg to accompany it, mmm! XD  If only I could create a healthy, nutritious variant of it. If only.

I’ve tried to cook a few times before, with half my dishes magically tasting delicious, and the other half turning out to be a barely edible mess. Still can’t believe how I could screw up FRIED RICE ._, Then again, for a first attempt, at least it was edible. Stomachs still have to be filled somehow, right?

Hopefully I’ll squeeze out the time to prepare more dishes, so that eventually I’ll be able to cook meals for myself without having to fall back to backup plans. There’s always an extra pack of instant noodles in the cupboard.

4 Continue Updating this Blog

Sounds like the easiest goal on this list. How hard can it possibly be to post a minimum of 300 words almost every week, for 52 weeks, until the end of the year? Right?

If I have to lower my “minimum words” limit that I’ve imposed on myself a mere two weeks ago, I might as well give up on blogging. 😦

We’ve reached the end of my list.

I wanted to put another goal on this list, but I realised that it would conflict terribly with everything else on it. It’s called “Fully Complete Skyrim”. Not viable at all, know that I’ve already sunk in 103 hours into the game during this holiday. Oh well, the dragons shall wait till the Dragonborn finishes university.

To anyone still reading this, can you post a random comment so that I can see if the comment section is even working? Still relatively new to WordPress, I’m rather overwhelmed by all the options for EVERYTHING. 😮

Have a great 2015, and good luck in fulfilling your own New Year’s Resolutions, however impossible they may seem! 😀

Goodbye, Procrastination! I’ll miss you.


I’ve done a blog before, but it was one that never saw an update after its fourth post. Or was it the fifth? Can’t really remember, for it has been way, way too long.

As long as this one survives past Post Number 10, I’ll be happy 😀

Low expectations strike again!

Then again, this blog was created as a solution for my horrible habit of procrastination. I had the great idea that people tend to stop procrastinating when they do things they really, really enjoy. So, if I begin to love writing a blog, there’s a high possibility that I’ll have a new-found sense of responsibility and put up new posts on time, and do the same for all my schoolwork, right? Perhaps in the fresh new year of 2015, I can garner the strength to clear up my increasing workload before it amasses and simply swallows me whole.

Hopefully. *Gulp*

Okay, enough with the rambling, and on to my list of slightly more important things.

1   Thank you for reading up till this point.

Really, thank you! 😀

2   Who am I?

I’m a pop tart cat hybrid that currently soaring through space with a solid Wifi connection, and I’m also a Year 1 Electrical Engineering student with average grades in the National University of Singapore. Nyan!

Expertly trained in the art of procrastination, I can now stare at my computer screen for hours every day without completing anything even remotely productive. Especially with so many distractions. 9GAG. Youtube. All the beautiful games sitting happily on my desktop.

Also, I’m currently testing out Adobe Illustrator to see if I can take the ideas floating about within my head, and turn them into something truly existent. The Borderlands picture presently on my front page? The First Post header on this first post? Done by me 😀 When I was supposed to be doing other things, of course 😦

3   What is this blog going to be about?

Life in school. Modules I take. Things I learn. Stuff I do. Oodles of doodles. Anti-procrastination progress. Random thoughts.

Anything productive. Anything.

4   What I hope to do with this WordPress blog.

Well, this is a brave attempt to consistently write a blog, with the main (and simple) goal of having a record of what I do. Other things would be to improve my bullsh- *ahem* writing skills, find my own personal style of blogging, and also to put up my random Illustrator creations into a gallery for self-satisfaction.

And to put the most number of vector cats on a WordPress blog.

5   The frequency of posts.

The best, 2 posts a week. Chances are, my lecturers are incredibly boring and half of my cohort are either sleeping, or missing from the lecture hall entirely. Or that Flipboard don’t have any new articles when I’m on my daily commute.

The worst, 1 post a month. Most probably, this will happen due to severe exhaustion from cramming for examinations. Hey, I won’t study at the last minute like last time!

I will try my best to ensure that each one of my posts is a minimum of 300 words long, with 500 words being the target I’m aiming for.

Can I end this now? I’m tired.

Sure thing, lazy brain of mine.

Hopefully one day, I would be able to finally sit back in my swivel chair and flip through my archived posts, relishing in the progress that I have made along the great journey of life.

Of course, the future me could also be thinking, “HOW IN THE WORLD DID I WASTE SO MUCH TIME SCROLLING THROUGH 9GAG!?”

But seriously, do rage comics ever get old? XD