Just a test page! If I have the time to continue making random posters and stuff for fun, I’ll dump them here! 😀

I have to do one for Skyrim, but I have no idea how u_u



5 thoughts on “Test :D

  1. These are amazing! :O
    What software did you use?
    And one more thing sorry; how did you make your page this way? I want something like this for my “Incomplete Shenanigans” page as well :/


    1. Whoops sorry for the late reply, was busy with school 😦

      I’m playing around with Adobe Illustrator CS5 (for the vector work) and Photoshop CS5 (to add gradients and textures :D).

      My page is just a normal page, with a gallery inserted. Go to add media, then insert gallery. Choose the pictures you want, add captions, change their titles and whatever you need 😀 Then under GALLERY SETTINGS, I chose Size Large, and type Tiled Mosiac 😀

      Not sure how to put links for the pictures yet though :0

      Hope this helps 😀

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      1. Hahaa I’d say you are lucky that you re in school! 😀
        Oh! Nice! I have played around with the too but I am not as good as you are lol (You can judged by my profile pic 😛 . I used illustrator and Photoshop and it isnt as good looking)

        Ohh! Its the gallery settings? That is smart…With the mosaic option. I will definitely try something like this (if it is supported by my theme – and if it looks good too)
        Thank you for your reply!! 😀
        It did help alot! Happy Blogging 😀


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